Search@CSU Library Feedback

Since the recent launch of the beta version of Search@CSU Library, the new alternative to the library catalogue and SmartSearch, users have been providing library staff with useful feedback about their experiences of the new search discovery tool.

Thank you to those who have submitted feedback, your comments will help us to make Search@CSU Library a better service for all CSU staff and students. Please continue to let us know what you think. Most feedback to date has been very positive; however, some problems have also been reported. For example, one student reported that they couldn’t see how to place a request for a book or a photocopy.

How to request books and photocopies in Search@CSU Library

1. You need to be logged in to make requests

Click on ‘LOG IN’ at the top of the search screen, and then fill in your CSU student number and pin (the day and month of your birthday) on the log in page.

2. Locate the item you want to request

Under the item you want to request, click on ‘Availability’ (1.), then on ‘+’ (2.) next to the campus location to expand, and you will see the request options are displayed.

Note: If you have already found an item, clicking on ‘LOG IN’ will take you back to the start of your search results, requiring you to again locate the appropriate item . This issue has been noted and will be fixed in a service pack later this year.

2 thoughts

  1. is it possible to have a tab put in on the library homepage that takes the person straight to the advanced search option, it is useful in the scenario where you don't have all the 'right' information, such as only having an ISSN number for a journal, or the author of a book chapter (and not the editor's name), etc.

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