New Database: Embase

The Elsevier Embase database is a major biomedical and pharmaceutical database covering: drug research, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, toxicology, clinical and experimental human medicine, health policy and management, public health, occupational health, environmental health, drug dependence and abuse, psychiatry, forensic medicine, and biomedical engineering and instrumentation. There is also some coverage of nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, psychology, and alternative medicine.

It includes over 24 million records from more than 7,500 mostly peer-reviewed journals, and from more than 2000 biomedical titles not indexed by MEDLINE. Embase also contains almost 800 conferences and more than 260,000 conference abstracts, drawn primarily from journals and journal supplements published since 2009.

The database provides for five search options:
* Quick
* Advanced
* Drug Name
* Disease Name
* Article Search (for a particular article)

Although full-text is not included within the database, in many cases the ‘View Full Text’ link in bibliographic records can be used to find the full-text in another CSU-subscribed database.