Primo Search: How can I get more out of it? – Second Tip

Hope the first tip (posted before the mid-semester break) was useful. Let us look at what more can be done.

The second tip is on ways how to
type query words in the search box. You can use a variety of combinations.

  1. Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. If you do not use quotation
    marks, the system will search for your words separately anywhere within the
    • Example: “global warming”

  2. Use Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT in uppercase, to search for two or
    more words

    • AND = searches
      all the terms  
    Example: wisdom AND vision (Both wisdom and vision are searched. Results will include both wisdom and vision within
    a resource)

    • OR = searches
      either of the terms 
    Example: university OR college
    (Either university or college is searched. Results will
    include either university or college and not both within a resource)

    • NOT = searches
      the first term and excludes the second term. 
    Example: stress NOT anxiety (Only stress is searched but not anxiety. Results will include stress
    alone and anxiety is totally excluded)


  3. Use a truncation symbol (*) to perform a multiple character wildcard
    search or find variations in word endings.
    • Example: Nurs* = nurse, nursing, nurses

  4. Use a wildcard (?) to replace a letter within a word. 
    • Example: Wom?n = woman, women

Remember: You can use any “Search
options” mentioned in the first tip with your combination of query words

Primo Help is available at:

Please contact the Library if you require assistance
using Primo Search – see

As always, please send your feedback.

More tips to follow…