As part of the series of posts about interesting non-book related resources to
celebrate Think Outside the
, today’s focus is on the Berg Fashion Library database  Berg Fashion Library database.

 The Berg Fashion Library database is a fascinating resource combining
text and image on dress and fashion throughout history.
 It is a fascinating database to browse in or locate 

A firstborn Bariai girl dressed in fiber skirt (odoa),
Papua New Guinea, 2005. Photograph by Naomi M. McPherson.

specific information for the person studying anthropology, 
art history, history, sociology, geography, folklore, museum 
studies, theatre, and cultural studies as well as fashion and 

The Berg Fashion Library database includes the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion online, e-books, reference works, images, and much more. It is such a diverse array of image and text subject you will be engrossed for hours.

Women’s 18th Century leather outdoor shoe

V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum, London
 Dress forming part of the trousseau
© V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum, London 

This Anazazi sock was crafted out of human hair. 
The sole is reinforced with yucca fibres.
 © 2009 Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto 
Part of the Fashion in Colors exhibition, Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art, 2000. Photograph by Naoya Hatakeyama. The Kyoto Costume Institute.