The Humble & Essential Bookmark

It’s funny what you find left behind in books by people. Sometimes it is just a printed receipt of the items a person has had on loan. Other times, it might be a torn piece of paper, a folded envelope, or even a sticky note. Whether you read for study, pleasure, entertainment or research – almost anything can be used as a bookmark! Some great ideas for a bookmark include: ribbons, postcards, index cards, business cards, or gift-tags.
A bookmark is essential for a person to know where they are up to in a book, as well as to mark any pages of interest or significance. The bookmark acts as a limit to how far the reader has come. But a bookmark is both like an anchor and a balloon also. It saves your reading place, keeping you tied down to where you are, yet at the same time, it keeps pulling at you too move forward and keep going. Just one more page or chapter it urges you! The humble and essential bookmark, then, is like a small piece of hope. It shows you where you are right now, and where you might be tomorrow. What do you think of the bookmark you use? Is the same bookmark you have used for many years? You may look at the humble bookmark a little differently after reading this. 
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