The Dewey Decimal System explained!

Have you ever thought that you would go and find a book, yet have been stumped with what number category to go to? The Dewey Decimal System is what you need to get to know a bit about then! Say if you were to look up a book on the CSU Library catalogue, you would be given a call number in the Availability and Request tab. This call number is a Dewey Decimal number. Meaning that the Library collection is shelved using the Dewey Decimal System.

But what does the call number mean you may ask? The system is used to categorise non-fiction books by subject. All non-fiction books are given a number, and the library is organised in such a way that all books in the same subject can be found in the same general area. Still unsure? Try these activities: Learning Dewey Decimal and The Dewey Decimal System. Remember, always ask someone if unsure! The CSU Library staff are happy to help you.