Clean Energy Week 2014 – Walk the Walk

Clean Energy Week  is on this week in Sydney.

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale eg sunlight, wind, rain. (Wikipedia).

Clean energy may also be called renewable energy or green energy, and it specifically refers to energy produced from renewable resources without creating environmental debt. There are several other ways that this term can be defined. It may refer to energy processes that pollute less or, alternatively, to energy that doesn’t pollute at all and doesn’t use resources that can’t be easily renewed. (WiseGEEK).

We at CSU can do more than just “talk the talk”. If you are on the Bathurst Campus you can “walk the walk”.

Visit the Learning Commons and jump on the Ride And Recharge bike and pedal up the green power to charge your iPhones.

Future Moves program students from Middleton and Kandos Primary Schools check out the Ride and Recharge bike while CSU student Stephen pedals away

A CSU Green Sustainability grant was the motivation to install the human powered bike.  Ride and Recharge was launched back on 30 April.

Join CSU Media student Brody Hollis in supporting Clean Energy Week. 

Get together with your fellow students and make a commitment to ride the bike regularly – we are all on a shared journey to clean energy. 

Show your support by taking a selfie and post using #rideandrecharge.