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Did you know the Library Online Reference page contains all sorts of handy links to background information that will answer all your questions on generalised facts, statistics, definitions and more?

Our on-line reference page is organised by category to give links to on-line dictionaries, thesauri, almanacs, biographies, statistics, directories and open access webpages for all your indispensable fact checking

We have information on:

  • Abbreviations, Acronyms and Quotations 
  • Atlases and Maps 
  • Australian Information 
  • Awards and Prizes 
  • Biographies 
  • Book Publishers, Bookshops and Reviews 
  • Business and Finance 
  • Calculators and Measurement 
  • Consumer Advice 
  • Countries and Travel 
  • Dictionaries and Thesauruses 
  • Employment 
  • Encyclopaedias 
  • Government Information 
  • Image Collections 
  • Institutional Repositories 
  • Law and Legislation 
  • Libraries, Archives, Galleries and Museums 
  • News and Media 
  • Standards, Patents and Trademarks 
  • Statistics 
  • Telephone, Directories and Postcodes 
  • Tertiary Study 
  • Time and Time Zones 
  • Weather and Climate 
  • Web Applications 
  • Writing and Style Guides

See how you go on getting answers to the following questions using our online reference links:

When will it be 9pm in New York?
Where can you get royalty free photos?
What is the weather like in Antartica today?
How much is $1 (AUD) worth in Thai Baht (THB)?
What free downloadable software can you get for photo retouching?

For information for specific subjects and courses try our libguides.
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