International Open Access Week 20-26 October 2014

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Open Access Week 20 – 26 October 2014: Australia

Have you participated in Open Access this week?

The Australian Open Access Support Group provides support for Open Access in Australia, with information about the benefits of Open Access and options for authors.

Can Open Access increase citation rates? Learn more.

The CRO (CSU Research Output) repository lists research articles, conference papers, books and book chapters and creative works produced by CSU staff. Adding copyright cleared copies of your work to the CRO database makes it easier for readers to discover and access your research.

If you want to make your research publication Open Access, contact CRO staff at

Curious about Open Access and Copyright? Copyright may limit what you can do with published articles, but CSU asks authors to provide a copy of the final accepted for publication manuscript in PDF format to CRO.  Many publishers allow a copy of the final manuscript to be made available via institutional repositories. CRO staff check that the submitted manuscript meets the publisher’s OA criteria and, if so, make it available.

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want to know more about Open Access in Australia? Watch this webinar