Textbooks – what and where?

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 New to CSU and university and worked out you might need some books for class? Not sure what to do next/? We have some answers!

What text books do you need?

  1. Go to the Coop bookshop website for the most up to date listing of textbooks by campus, semester and subject (you’ll need the subject code). Look for the “Find textbooks” button in the middle of the page
  2. Your subject outline (listed in interact2) will also list what texts are required, and if they are prescribed or recommended for your subject
  3. Work out if your textbook is a prescribed or recommended item. Your subject outline will list if texts are prescribed or recommended.
  • A prescribed text is considered essential for your subject. It means that a lot of your subject readings will come from this text and you will be coming back to it week after week, and it will probably be a good idea to have access to this book for the whole semester.
  • A recommended text is not considered essential for your subject. As a general rule you might expect some of the subject readings to come from this text but not a significant amount.

Where can you get your text books?

a. Buy brand new from the Coop bookshop, the official supplier of textbooks for CSU. Co-op bookshops are located on the Bathurst, Wagga, Albury and Orange CSU campuses. Details on how to find and contact them are on their website.

b. Buy second hand 

  • The Co-op has a Bucks 4 Books scheme for buying and selling used books. 
  •  Student VIP textbooks sells second hand text books,  
  • Try posting a “textbook needed’ message to your course forums. 
c. Borrow from the library
If the library has been advised by subject lecturers of prescribed texts they will be made available for loan. (and if we don’t have them ask your lecturers to submit a request for them).
Text books might be available in print or digital versions. Digital versions (eBooks) may be subject to different usage, printing, copying and downloading conditions.
Library copies of text books may be placed on reserve (restricting them to a 4 hour loan to give access to as many students as possible ) next to the Ask Us library desk. Our watchit tutorial has information on how to find reserve and ereserve materials.
If it is a prescribed text, it might be likely that it is in high demand and out on loan for most of the semester. If this is the case you can request a loan or scan of the book. Our watchit tutorial has information on how to request loans and scans.
Confused about how to search for your text books on the library website? Ask Us, or come to the Ask Us desk at any of the CSU libraries.