Did you know …
Copyright in Australia is controlled by the Copyright Act 1968.
The Act allows “fair dealing” with copyright materials for the following:

  • Research or study; criticism or review. 
  • The person is using the material in a genuine manner. 
  • The use is fair. 
  • The Copyright Act states that if you use less than a certain amount of a copyright item for research or study, the use is deemed to be fair. (Fair Dealing Information Sheet G079v07, Australian Copyright Council)

You can legally copy the following:

  • Books: 10% or 1 chapter whichever is greatest. 
  • Journals/Serials/Newspapers: 1 article per issue (more if the articles are on the same topic.)

Material available on the Internet is protected by Copyright. (Always check the terms and conditions on the website before copying, printing or downloading for conditions of use.)
When you use someone else’s work, under ‘Moral Rights’ you are must attribute the materials you have used.

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