Referencing Aaarrgghhh!!

As it’s week three, most of you are probably getting ready to submit your first assignment, and experiencing the joys of referencing!.  Referencing is the acknowledgement of information sources in your work; it is the appropriate way to give credit to the original owner of an idea, piece of writing or creative work. All assignments at CSU are expected to be fully referenced unless advised otherwise.If you’re having trouble with referencing the Library has a few tips that might help!

The Academic Referencing Tool (ART) provides detailed referencing examples for the referencing style – APA 6. The tool includes examples of in-text referencing, direct quotations, paraphrasing and footnoting. Bibliography/ Reference List and detailed style notes are also available.

Another great tool is the CSU APA Referencing Summary, A guide to referencing based on the Publication Manual of
the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). This summary gives examples
of the APA referencing style for a number of commonly used information sources. 

If you would like to explore using the EndNote software, you can check out the Library’s EndNote resource guide. EndNote can be downloaded for free from the Library website, and can help you to cite your
sources correctly and to organise your research and notes.

If you’re in the Student Portal, try reading the Library’s Referencing at CSU page for the whats, whys and hows of referencing, and a great range of links and videos that may help you with your sticky questions. If you have additional questions about referencing, please contact the ALLaN team, who are your resident referencing experts! Good luck!