Give the gift of life, Donate blood!

The 12th – 18th of June is Blood Donor Week! People of all walks of life need blood products. Some need it to get them through a serious event in their lives, like cancer or a dangerous pregnancy. Others have medical conditions which mean they need blood products regularly to stay alive or be healthy. It only takes an hour to donate blood, but it could change someone’s life. 
If you’re an Internal Student or Staff Member of CSU, most of our campuses are visited by a Mobile Donor Centre. If you’re an Online Student and would like to give blood, check out the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website to search for a Donor Centre near you. 
Did you know that your blood is surprisingly versatile, and the blood you donate can be made into 22 different medical treatments? If you’d like more info on what your blood is used for, or are wondering what happens when you donate blood, some great fact sheets have been written by the Red Cross to guide you through the process of giving blood and how your blood is used
If you’re studying one of our Medical Science and Dentistry, Allied health and Pharmacy, or Nursing Midwifery and Indigenous health courses, and are interested in the research behind blood donation, there are plenty of results in Primo Search to get you started!
Remember, 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime, while just 1 in 30 people currently donate. You can do something about this statistic!