Occupational Therapy Week

Occupational Therapy Week will be celebrated from Sunday 22nd October until Saturday 28th October. This is to coincide with World Occupational Therapy Day on 27th October.

OT Week helps promote the many ways occupational therapy can help people at all stages of life to reach their potential.

How can occupational therapy help me to reach my pOTential?
Occupational therapist work with people of all abilities and all ages to do the things they want to do through the use of therapeutic activities and equipment.

OT’s (for short) find ways to help people to do tasks more easily in all parts of your life. These include:

  • at home
  • at work
  • having fun
  • out and about
  • driving
  • being part of the community

They may change the way someone does something, or by giving them a piece of equipment to help. It might be changing the environment or teaching the people to support people in a different way. Occupational Therapists work with people who have difficulty in doing things because of an injury or illness, psychological or emotional problems, developmental delay or intellectual or physical disability.

If you’re one of our OT students, and are looking for some great resources, why not check out our Occupational Therapy Libguide, for the latest eBooks, Journal articles, web and media resources, and Standards information.

You could also check out our Community Engagement and Wellness Centre. The CEW is open to the public, and is a purpose-built facility, complete with consultation, treatment and surgery suites, and inter-professional training facilities, where CSU students are closely supervised by qualified professionals in a supportive environment to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care and service.