Harmony Day – Everyone belongs!

Harmony day is celebrated every year in Australia on March 21st, and is a great opportunity for all Australians to come together and celebrate community diversity, inclusiveness, respect and belonging. Harmony Day coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which celebrates the idea that that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and have the potential to contribute constructively to the development and well-being of their societies.

The Library would like to celebrate Harmony Day this year by sharing some of our fantastic resources on cultural diversity with you. These resources are all available online, and ready to be enjoyed!

  • Journal of Cultural Diversity – The journal of choice for educators, researchers and practitioners involved in cultural diversity. This publication unites theory, research and practice issues related to cultural diversity from the perspective of a variety of disciplines under one cover.
  • Racism and Cultural Diversity: Cultivating Racial Harmony Through Counselling, Group Analysis, and Psychotherapy – An enduring and proficient eBook that draws heavily on personal experience of the author. Combining years of counselling skill with a natural compassion, the author makes the subject of racism approachable, thus motivating all those wanting to explore these issues.
  • Australia – into the 21st Century – This video looks at the lifestyles and features of the multicultural population of Australia, and highlights their aspirations as we move further into the new century.
  • Cultural intelligence: Surviving and thriving in the global village – In today’s global economy, the ability to interact effectively across cultures is a fundamental job requirement for just about everyone. This eBook shows you how to succeed in any culture, in every situation!
  • White: A memoir in colour – In this deeply personal and emotional exploration of racial identity, director Joel Katz shares his family‚Äôs journey of immigration, assimilation, liberal idealism, bitter disillusionment, and ultimately, reconciliation.

As always, if you need assistance accessing these resources, please contact us at the Library for help, and enjoy this years Harmony Day celebrations!