Trial access to SAGE Research Methods Video: Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Digital Methods

Whether its guiding you through the ins and outs of Systematic Reviews, or showing you how to avoid predatory publishers, we’re always looking for new ways to help you become a better researcher. Now we can help you dig even deeper with the database SAGE Research Methods Video: Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Digital Methods. Starting today, the Library will have trial access to this interdisciplinary online treasure trove of videos on data science methods, sources and applications – so what are you waiting for, head over to our Trial Databases page and check it out!

SAGE describes the database as focusing on how data science can help us understand human behaviour and systems. With that in mind, they’ve curated a collection of over 120 hours of video covering topics including:

  • Data mining, visualisation, management, curation and publishing
  • Statistical and probability models and methods
  • Programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning
  • Social media analytics and social network analysis
  • Tools for big data analytics

Our trial access will expire on November 30th, but if you want this database to stay, let us know! We’ll be able to purchase ongoing access to the collection if demand is high enough, so fill out this survey and help us make the case for it to stay.

If you’ve got questions about SAGE Research Methods or any of our other databases, contact us here at the Library for personalised support and assistance. For more information about how the library can support your research, and for specialised higher-degree research assistance, get in touch with one of our helpful Faculty Teams.