Bathurst is 24/7!

Exciting news! The Bathurst Campus Library building is now a fully 24/7 space.

There are some exciting new changes happening at Bathurst Campus Library. We have used SSAF funding to install more cameras so that it is a safe space for you to use at all hours. Due to this update, the Bathurst Campus Library collection and group study rooms on level 5 are now accessible 24/7!

You also told us that you wanted a more comfortable space for your study. Thanks for the feedback! We have listened and will be updating the area to include more comfortable furniture as well as sit/stand desks. These furniture changes will be happening over the next few weeks.

As level 5 will now be accessible 24/7 that means that you can book the study rooms at any time, day or night.

We want the Library to be a space that works for you and fits your needs. So, continue to participate in the feedback surveys, talk to your friendly Library Staff, and use the feedback wall.

And watch this space!

Image of Bathurst Library level 5 collection and study spaces.
Bathurst Library level 5 space
Image of Bathurst Library level 5 collection.
Bathurst Library level 5 space