Primo Search and finding journal articles

Since Primo Search became the library’s official search tool on March 5th students have found it much easier to find and locate journal articles subscribed to by the library.
Primo Search allows for simple intuitive searches inclusive of all books, CDs, DVDs and print journals, as well as electronic journals hosted by individual databases. Most of the library’s databases have been indexed and can be searched through Primo Search. Searches can now be done through Primo Search to check for articles on a particular subject, by a particular author, or by title keywords. We still recommend individual database searches for a more comprehensive search once you have scoped out your research area in Primo Search.

The millions of items the library owns and subscribes to are now much easier to find, and you are finding them too. See our chart below showing how many searches have been done in Primo Search this year.

If you’re not sure how Primo Search works we have lots of resources to help you: