Holidays? What holidays?

For some, mid session break signals a time for relaxation, for others the work doesn’t stop!

Whether you are getting ahead in your readings or here for Res School, the CSU Library is a good place to sit down to read a good book or get some of your work done. 
A caffeine hit to see you through the night is optional and you’re in luck! the 24 hour Learning Commons has vending machines.
Things to remember for the holidays;
  • If you are returning home or going away please remember to return your books before you go
  • Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Novels of the Last 20 Years to give you a good start to the break
  • Ask a Librarian services will be available for any questions you may have over the break
  • Stay safe and have a relaxing holiday!
  • Session starts again on April the 22nd