New look and facilities at Bathurst & Wagga Learning Commons

In response to requests from staff and students for more flexible study and learning spaces in 24/7 learning common areas, the Division of Facilities Management and the Library have recently collaborated to improve facilities at Bathurst & Wagga.

1. Bathurst Learning Commons

Access via the Learning Commons
Plenty of space to stretch out or do group work

Rooms 322 & 325 in the Bathurst campus Learning Commons (building 1412), are being transformed into flexible learning spaces. These rooms can be used by the Library, Division of Student Learning, Library Skills, Academics and when not in use, will be available to all students as part of the 24/7 Learning Commons space. 
The rooms have features which include: plenty of power and space to bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and are complete with white boards and projectors. 

Superb study environment

2. Wagga Computer Hub

Available 24/7
Plenty of power and space for BYODs

Level 1 of the Wagga Wagga Learning Commons (building 13) now has computer general teaching spaces including rooms which can be used as classrooms, computer labs or collaboration spaces. These rooms are available 24/7, have comfortable seating and with plenty of power and spaces for BYODs.

Flexible learning, teaching & collaborative spaces
You can find out more about CSU’s Division of Facilities Management and provide feedback on these new and exciting facilities at DFM

Have you used the rooms yet?

Are there any other facilities you would like to see in the Library or Learning Commons areas? Let us know!