How to find your subject Reserve readings

Look for: 

  • links to websites or documents included with Interact2 subject notes or learning modules, 
  • readings made available via Primo Search – search with subject code, author or title keyword.

If your lecturer or study notes advise you to expect the readings by email:

  • you will receive a CSU email with pdf files attached. The email may come via your Interact2 subject site, 
  • the email will have a subject line such as CSU course readings for JST110
  • the readings are for you to download or print. To comply with Australian Copyright law, you may not pass the files on or publish the readings online.

No email?

  • check spam and junk folders, 
  • check your security settings. 


  • follow up with your lecturer, 
  • Ask a Librarian
  • contact the eReserve Team, – include your name, student number, subject code and required readings. 

Like all your subject readings printed for you?

  • CSU Print offers a service where, for a charge, they will print and post out all your subject readings for you. More details at: CSU eReserve print request form
Happy Reading!