CSU Copyright videos

CSU educators are a creative bunch, adept at engaging students by incorporating a diverse range of audio visual, text and digital material into their teaching resources. But navigating the sometimes rocky terrain of copyright can be confusing. That is why our Copyright Team has developed a series of short instructional videos to help academics and educational designers sift through some of the finer points of what can – and can’t – be done.

The CSU Copyright videos cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to copyright and teaching
  • Screening and recording videos
  • Using copyright images and TV and radio broadcast in teaching
  • Using internet material in teaching
  • Using copyright text material in teaching

All these videos and more can be found in our Copyright @ CSU Library Guide, which hosts a handy FAQs page!

If you have questions on copyright in teaching, or suggestions for topics you would like covered in future copyright videos, email copyright@csu.edu.au.