Textbook Time!

A new session’s begun, which means new subjects. And with new subjects, come new texts!

You should all now have your subject outlines available in your Interact sites, so it’s time to consult them to find out what you’ll be reading this session. Just look under “Text and Learning Materials” to find your subject’s prescribed text. A prescribed text is a text that your lecturer will assume you have access to throughout the entire session. So while your CSU Library will always try to make sure that we have texts available when people need them, you may want to look into sourcing your books more permanently! In these cases, you have a couple of options.

You can find your text-books on campus or online from the University Co-Op Bookshop. It’s also definitely worth considering a membership – they’re valid for life, and you’ll receive discounts on texts, other books and stationery. They’ll often even buy your old texts!
If you’re looking to save a buck or two, try hunting for used editions on websites like StudentVIP Textbooks, or you could even consider renting, from websites like Jekkle. And if you’re studying by distance, think about applying for the CSU DE Textbook Equity grant.
But of course, if all else fails, your CSU Library is here, when you need us! You can find information about using Primo Search to find resources, including your prescribed texts, by watching the videos in our Primo Search playlist below. There are videos about searching, as well as placing requests!

If you’re still at a loss, Contact Us for more help!