Everything you need to know about journal articles and databases

You may have spotted the words ‘journal’, ‘journal articles’ and ‘peer reviewed’ in your subject outline or heard mention of “journal databases”. But what do these things mean and how do you make use of them? We’ve got all the answers in our Online Library Workshops! 
Join our Finding Journal Articles workshop to learn: 
  • the importance of journal articles for your studies
  • how to interpret a journal article citation
  • how to find quality scholarly journal articles in Primo Search, Google Scholar, and databases for your assessments and research
  • what ‘peer-reviewed’ means and how to check that an article is peer-reviewed.

Library databases are very useful but can be rather daunting, so join our Using Journal Databases workshop to explore some of the search techniques and features that you can use. We’ll be discussing and demonstrating:

  • the benefits of using Library databases 
  • the principles of online searching 
  • Boolean operators and search techniques 
  • creating folders and setting up alerts 
  • exporting citations to EndNote.
Register now! And of course if you have any questions, Contact Us!