New Year study resolution

Happy New Year! Whether you’re half-way through your degree, just about to start university or preparing to graduate, the beginning of a new calendar year is a good opportunity to get yourself some goals or New Year’s resolutions. To help you out, we have compiled a list of ways to kick start your New Year’s resolution.

1. Don’t leave it until the last minute – be organised

Any seasoned students will tell you that the key to study success is time management. Plan your time well. Some specific example include: doing the set reading before (not after) the your class, requesting library books early (to avoid missing out or needing to buy them), writing up clear notes after each lecture and creating revision notes before exams.

2. Stop Procrastinating

Depending on your procrastination habits, this could mean a self-imposed Facebook ban (or at least during certain times), finding a less distracting place to study, or even just making sure you don’t have more than two tabs open on your internet browser at any time.

3. Commit to good results

Sure, 50% is a pass and when all is said and done, that’s all you need to get by. But why not decide that 2018 is the year to step up? Look at your assessment rubrics and aim high! The sky is the limit!

4. Be excited!

Study doesn’t have to feel like a chore. The trick is to fake it til you make it! If you begin with enthusiasm and excitement, you’ll find the process a lot more enjoyable and research shows your results will reflect this, too.

5. Be more social

University is an experience. Enjoy it! Whether you’re studying online or on-campus, be social.Get out there, meet people, join study groups, join Facebook groups… Use these vital years to build connections and make friends.

6. Sleep more

It might seem in conflict with the previous resolution, but get some sleep! Don’t spend all your time working and playing, look after yourself. Well rested means more productive.

7. Keep healthy

Above anything, keep healthy! You may want to join your campus gym or university sports club, cut down on fast food, get more sleep (as previously mentioned), quit smoking or take it a little easier at Happy Hour, but it’s important to look after yourself.

And a Bonus Resolution, just because we can… Use your library!

Studies show that students who use the Library Resources get better results! So what are you waiting for? Get into Primo Search and see what you can find!