Get ready to study

The Library would like to welcome all new students to CSU, and let you know we are available to help you get off to a great start in session 1.

To help you get organised, we’ve put a few tips together:

Apply for your CSU Card

When Student Central process your student ID card this generates your library record and allows you to borrow resources from the library, whether you are studying online and placing requests to have items posted to you, or an on-campus student using the library. So, if you haven’t already applied for your card, do it now so you can take advantage of the benefits it entitles you to:

  • Borrow from the library’s extensive collection of resources 
  • Online students can take advantage of the FREE postal service
  • Place digitisation requests for chapters of books 
  • Borrow books from other university libraries near you through the reciprocal borrowing scheme
  • Access to the 24 hour space in the Learning Commons 
  • Access to printing facilities

Find your textbooks

It’s time to start thinking about textbooks!

You’ll find your prescribed and recommended textbooks in your subject outline (listed in Interact2), and you have several different options available to find these texts:

  • The Co-op Bookshop is the official supplier of textbooks for CSU. From their website, click on ‘Find textbooks’ to search through the list of universities and campuses. Click on the current semester and year and a list of subject codes will appear. Chose your subject to see a list of your prescribed texts and also those that are recommended.
  • Student VIP and Zookal sell second hand text books 
  • Try posting a ‘textbook needed’ message to your subject forum
  • Rent a copy from online suppliers such as Jekkle or The Campus Bookstore
  • Borrow a copy from the Library
If you would like to compare the prices of books, you can use the price comparison engine Booko to find the best price for your textbooks.

Get ahead with your course readings

You can use your subject code to search for subject eReserve readings in Primo Search by clicking on the Subject Code radio button, typing your subject code in the search bar (no spaces) and click on Search:

This search will bring up all the eReserve readings for your subject in one handy place! You can also locate the books and articles from your subjects’ reading list using Primo Search and the Library’s Journal Databases.

Register for an Online Library Workshop

The Library’s Online Library Workshops are always hugely popular, so if you’d like to join one of these events it’s time to register now. Workshops include:

  • Introduction to Library Services
  • Finding Online Journal Articles
  • Using eBooks
  • Using Library Datbases
  • Advanced Library Datbases
  • EndNote for PC and Mac
  • Learn to Connect: Developing your Personal Learning Network
  • Learn to Connect: Managing your Online Information

Come see us in the Sydney CBD

Library workshops will be run as part of a CSU Outreach event in the Sydney CBD on February 22nd. See more details and register your interest online.

Contact us

Anytime you need assistance from the Library just contact us, there is so much we can help you with.