Emerald Insight Critter Competition 2018

Every year, Emerald Insight holds their Critter Competition, and invites Libraries across Australia to Design a display with a critter of their choice. This year the critter was sheep, and the image above is the CSU Library’s entry to the 2018 Critter Competition!

Emerald Insight gives full-text access to more than 350 journals published by Emerald Group Publishing, with materials such as journal articles, literature reviews, book reviews, conference information, interviews and profiles. Specific topics covered include:

  • Business, management, leadership and human resource management
  • Library and information science
  • Accounting and marketing 
  • Industrial and organisational psychology
  • Engineering, applied science, and technology

Emerald Insight also gives full-text access to two collections of eBooks – one covering business, management, and economics, and the other covering social sciences. Searching in Emerald will, by default, return results from not only their eJournals, but also their eBook collections.

So why not check Emerald Insight out? Remember to contact us at the Library if you have any questions about Emerald, or have trouble accessing this resource – and we’d love to know what you think about our entry!