Disarmament Week 2018

October 24-30 is International Disarmament Week, marking the central but elusive objective of the United Nations to eliminate nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, biological weapons, mines, and small arms.

The General Assembly, along with other bodies of the United Nations,
continues to advance international peace and security by calling for
states to abandon the use of force in international relations.
Observances like International Disarmament Week help highlight the
danger of the arms race, propagate the need for its cessation and
increase public understanding of the urgent tasks of disarmament.

The CSU library has a great range of online resources that you can use to investigate this issue or help with your research in this area, including:

If you would like to learn more about the United nations and it’s work, check out this great illustrated version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Nations website. If you need help viewing any of these Library resources, or would like to find more, please contact us for help from one of our Librarians.