Studying With AnatomyTV.PALMS

Are you studying or teaching anatomy? Anatomy.TV PALMS, an interactive learning and assessment tool, is now available through the Library. PALMS (Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules) creates a tailored learning experience for its users.

Student users can choose a body region to focus on, then race the clock to identify different parts of anatomical structures. If they get an answer wrong or not answer in time, they’re provided with feedback. PALMS uses adaptive sequencing to determine the optimal order of how to present these structures, and takes speed and accuracy into account. Teachers can use its assessment tools to evaluate student group or individual performances.

You can access PALMS through the Anatomy.TV database. Our Anatomy Library Resource Guide has more information on how to sign up to use PALMS as a student or teacher. For more information on anatomy or medicine, you can search these resources:

If you have any questions about using PALMS or other library resources, please contact us.