National Child Protection Week

Kicking off on Fathers Day each year, National Child Protection Week is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community to think about how we can work together to keep all children safe. In 2019 the National Child Protection Week focus is on introducing a ‘child development’ communication frame to promote the messages that:

  • Kids do well when parents are supported.
  • Focus needs to be on children and what they need to thrive, rather than blaming parenting.
  • To raise thriving kids, parents need support to navigate life’s choppy waters.
  • Circumstances shape outcomes, we can’t assume that good parenting comes naturally to all individuals.

National Child Protection Week is coordinated by the National Association for Prevention of Child abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN), an organisation dedicated to bringing the eradication of child abuse and neglect to the forefront of Australian society. NAPCAN work with all levels of government, businesses, community services and organisations, families and individuals for the betterment of children and young people in our shared community, and have some great resources on their website for anyone interested in these issues.

The Charles Sturt Library also has some great online resources that deal with this important topic, including:

You can also find information on this topic in some of our Library Resource Guides, particularly our Education Studies, Early Childhood, and Legal Research Skills guide. If you need help accessing any of these resources or guides, please contact us at the Library for help.