Safer Internet Day

The Internet is amazing – it puts knowledge at our fingertips and has revolutionised communication, entertainment and study. Just like the real world, however, the online space can be an risky place, so it’s important to know how to be an online safety pro. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a range of resources to help you become an upstanding online citizen!

Among the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner’s tips this Safer Internet Day are “protect your personal information” and “be conscious of your online profile. As part of our commitment to supporting the Digital Literacy Graduate Learning Outcome at Charles Sturt, we’ve created targeted services and resources to help you do exactly that, including:

  • Your Digital Life – a series of modules dedicated to teaching you how to participate in online study and professional spaces, as well as how to strike the tricky balance between promoting and protecting yourself online
  • Mobile Devices for Study and Research – a Library Resource Guide geared towards helping you make the smartest choices when it comes to using mobile devices for your studies
  • Online Library Workshops – among our range of OLWs are two designed specifically to teach you how to create and maintain a professional online profile, keep your information secure and your online life organised. Register here to attend!

Last but not least, check out this video from Insafe, the group behind Safer Internet Day, for a look at the wider context of the event.

As always, if you have any questions about anything we’ve covered today, contact us here at the Library on all the usual channels.