Collection Spotlight: VitalSource

The Library is happy to introduce a new eBook platform – VitalSource. VitalSource provides students with access to selected eBooks from various suppliers in one place. New titles will be continuously added to our Bookshelf.

The Library currently has access to the following titles via VitalSource:

Jump into VitalSource and explore it for yourself!
  • Using qualitative research in advertising: strategies, techniques, and applications
  • The Sage handbook of qualitative research
  • The essential guide to doing your research project
  • The Development of children’s thinking: its social and communicative foundations
  • Strategic social marketing 
  • Social work: a critical approach to practice
  • Research methods in early childhood: an introductory guide
  • Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches
  • Psychology for teachers.
  • Leadership: theory and practice
  • Introduction to social research: quantitative and qualitative approaches 
  • How to critique journal articles in the social sciences
  • Handling qualitative data: a practical guide
  • Essentials of terrorism: concepts and controversies
  • Doing a literature review: releasing the research imagination
  • Classroom behaviour: a practical guide to effective teaching, behaviour management and colleague support

Due to high demand these eBooks can be borrowed for 2 hours and read either online or, offline using the Bookshelf Desktop and Bookshelf Mobile apps. Some of these eBook are limited user licenses, so students are requested to access the book, use it for the 2 hour loan period, copy or print the readings or chapter required, and return the eBook – allowing others to use the book.

For a useful introduction to VitalSource read the VitaSource Manual.

Download the VitalSource app here! and take your eBooks with you everywhere.