Collection Spotlight : LWW Health Library

Before you start your education enhancement with LWW Health Library, click on the Logo above to Register and sign in with a free personal account. A personal account allows you to download eBook chapters, add bookmarks, set up email alerts, and create personalised quizzes.

The LWWHealthLibrary includes access to:

  • Lippincott texts, cases, and self-assessment
  • Procedure videos and audio files
  • Easy-to-use course integration tools
  • User-friendly and mobile-responsive interface

Key eBooks include:

  • Clinically oriented anatomy 8th edition.
  • Mark’s basic medical biochemistry: a clinical approach.
  • Medical physiology: principles for clinical medicine
  • Rubin’s pathology: clinicopatholigic foundations of medicine

LWW Health Library also includes:

  • videos covering anatomy, biochemistry, epidemiology, pathology/pathophysiology, and physical examination
  • images
  • Quiz banks tailored to specialities
  • Patient education handouts
  • Option to listen to an audio recording of chapters
Watch this LWW Health Library overview video. Click on the image above.