Collection Spotlight: Academic Complete

Academic Complete is a Flagship collection that provides access to a critical mass of 200,000+ multidisciplinary eBooks with a comprehensive collection of exclusive titles. eMaterial is supplied from a wide range of publishers: including various University Presses including various University Presses, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Brill, De Gruyter and many more.

Dynamic points for students include:

  • Access is never denied with unlimited simultaneous availability.
  • eMaterials are sometimes found in cross-disciplinary and subject-specific collections.
  • Student are able to download the complete eBook (where available) with no restrictions and no special software required. (Please read information attached to each eBook for fuller information).
  • Some international content in Academic Complete can be translated into 10 languages.

Academic Complete is a collection within eBook Central use this advanced search to filter the Academic Complete Titles.