Collection Services : Martindale – the Complete Drug Reference.

If your studies involve the knowledge of the effects and side-effects in the use or abuse of medications Martindale is the resource for you.

Martindale is peerless in the field of providing practical, evidence-based, global guidance, thus allowing you to understand the properties of drugs and other pharmaceutical substances and their clinical uses.

Aspects of this database that will enhance and develop your studies are: Global sources of information, multi-lingual coverage, synonyms for drugs, chemical formulae, over 248,000 medicines and 7,500 drugs discussed and examined, preparation of medicines and street names of drugs. In addition, more than 675 disease treatment reviews offer overviews of the diseases and drugs used in their treatment, along with key references.

The three major areas of presentation in this eBook are: Drugs and Ancillary Substances, Preparations, and Manufacturers.

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